Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An Impulsive Getaway

Living in the moment is something I aspire to do, but in my general day-to-day life, I mark items into my diary in advanced and often don't have the calendar space to do something impulsively. Or should it be, that I try to be organised in life because I want to make sure I don't miss a single moment? And I have an over-active mind that immediately starts planning when given a task? With a bit of a control freak streak?

But I do not think I am afraid to grab an opportunity to do something that would make a great story later.

This was foremost in my mind when the boyfriend said on New Year's Day that he wanted to have an adventure. This was the comment that saw us packing up his dad's station wagon with some blankets, sleeping bags, a change of clothes (and laptops and cameras) and heading down to Lakes Entrance. It was a long drive, it was late when we arrived, tired and after a fruitless search on wotif.com using the free wi-fi at MacDonald's, resigned to sleeping in the car. I really enjoyed setting up the back and snuggling down in our sleeping bags. Everything we did was a joy, more so, I believe, because we hadn't planned it. Everything we did, we decided on the day and it felt great!

The only thing is that I am halfway through a sewing project to make a travel wallet and I had planned to do my pre-reading for Uni, both which I need to do before flying out next Friday. Ah, back to reality, where time does indeed matter. But do not regret for all the precious memories I gained in return.