About Me

I love coffee, good food, painting my nails and making things. Sometimes I will try to cook and sew. I love hitting the nightclubs and hitting the gym. I recently finished University for the second time, this time in Law. Now that I am in full-time employment, with friends all either moving overseas or having babies (or both) and being single, I found that I now have more time for blogging. 

My goals for 2014 is finish my practical legal training and become a real lawyer and save money to go to the UK, I am trying to rein in the expensive pursuits (so cutting down on the eating out) and focus on the more cost effective DIY crafting and painting my nails. Whether these are actually cost-effective is debatable, but I make some awesome little gifts, a lot better on my waistline and it definitely fills in many more hours.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope, maybe, one of my creations inspires you!

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