Thursday, 4 June 2015

Kester Black Dragonfruit and Nebula double header

I found this sitting in my drafts folder. It's belated, but enjoy!

This is my precious Kester Black Dragonfruit and I used Nebula for some simple details. It never works as a paint on glitter, but I love fishing out the large holo dots for placement nail art.

I remember wearing this mani in the first week at my temp reception job. There were a couple of departures in that first week, so I got to partake in some gorgeous and delicious goodies.

Cupcake is from a place called Lola. It doesn't quite beat my first love, Cupcake Central, but it was more than adequate as a replacement in London.

I love this pink and it's perfect for the lovely Spring (and now Summer) weather I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.