Saturday, 27 September 2014

Celestial's Stars group custom - Winter Sunset

If you are not a member of Celestial Cosmetics' fan group, then you're missing out on things like this gorgeous polish. It looks pink to me, but it's officially red with blue shimmer. If you're interested, you should join the group here.

I also used the September LE for the nail art. Hurry if you want either of these, they will be gone forever at the end of this month! They have also started stocking their own nail vinyls - I used the medium chevrons for this manicure.

The glitter is Maybelline Street Artist - White Splatter.

I was having a pretty good run with not buying too many things, but the last two weeks have seen me order a bunch of Celestial Polish, splurged on Kester Black, hauled some Ulta3 spring colours and my first FOA polish. And just earlier tonight... I went and ordered the whole Halloween collection from Lyz Cosmetics. It will be a new indie brand to me and I am already looking forward to it! 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Kester Black Dragonfruit in a Power Perfect Storm Rainbow

It's been a while! I'm going to make more of an effort here, starting with my blindingly gorgeous manicure. Simple, yet effective. I'm so grateful for today's beautiful sunny Sunday. Perfect for my polish!

Kester Black Dragonfruit and Powder Perfect Storm Rainbow
Both these polishes have been recent lemmings. Kester Black from when I saw it in a boutique store named Lulu near work. This is Dragonfruit, one of two that I really want. I'll treat myself to the other one at some later point, I'm sure. The second is Powder Perfect Storm Rainbow. The gorgeous sparkling goodness kept showing up in my Instagram feed and causing me to drool everytime. When both were in hot little hands, I couldn't decide which to use first! Luckily, the complement one another and worked nicely for this simple hot pink with glitter accent mani.

Look at that sparkle!

I hope you enjoyed my photo spam today! I've got a tonne of things I have been putting off that I need to do today. I promised myself. Ekkk!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Picture Polish Festival

Something I found floating around in my old photos. Not much to say about these, they're alright, works nicely on dark polish, obviously... sadly, I've not been feeling dark colours so this hasn't seen any action since these were taken...

In other news, I've completed the bulk of my PLT and should be starting the final component of the course online today, but I am still awaiting confirmation. I was at the college Friday morning with my forms and I have been told verbally that I should be allowed to start. I might have to give them a call later. Fingers crossed, I can start tonight and be one step closer to admission!