Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY Nail Polish Jewellery

I saw nail polish jewellery on the blog of one of my favourite nail art blogger, Chalkboard Nails. When I saw it, it became suddenly so obvious - why didn't I think of this?? I did a bit of browsing, but the store she recommended on Etsy really did have the best kit for a newbie like me. For my first foray into jewellery making, I didn't want to have to figure out all the bits and pieces I needed. The kits offered at .... was a nice, easy way to get all the bits I need.

I ended up ordering the necklace set with square, circle, heart and oval pendants, and then kits for 5 pairs of square drop earrings and 5 teardrops one (my sister picked out that one). Because I wanted to be able to make sets of jewellery, I picked the silver base for all. 

There's a random selection of nail polish pieces I've done.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

piCture pOlish Aurora - Like looking into another dimension on your nails!

I see Picture Polish on all the blogs and when I saw photos of Aurora doing the rounds, I was enchanted. They did not disappoint! I wore it over black for over a week! The last photo I took just before I removed the polish. As you can see, it was still looking great! 

Sadly, this was part of a limited edition collection and it seems ALL of them are now sold out. :(

By the 8th day, there was some tip wear on some of the edges, but that's it. I could totally have kept it on for a bit longer if I had to!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Emily de Molly -– Bo Peep and Monet's Garden

I had taken advantage of the long weekend to go through some of the photos that I haven't had the time to download and they are slowly going live. 

These following two, were what I had on around the time my Dad first went into hospital, so it's been a while. Both are Emily de Molly, so I thought I'd post them together.

This is Bo Peep. It's a nice, summery one, although the photos made my hands look extra cooked lobster like!

And this is Monet's Garden. I think it's becoming obvious that I like green and glitter.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Colour vs Negative Glitter toppers

Nothing makes me look more like an amateur than seeing the amazing Nailasaurus using the same glitter topper and make it look 10 times better.

But anyhow, this is me using the Delush Star Gazer, with Illamasqua Blizzard on the accent nail.

Monday, 10 March 2014

A very lady-like two-toned pastel colour block manicure

I wanted something that looked a bit interesting and matched my outfit, but didn't have the time to go all out. Then I saw this manicure tutorial on the Lulu blog and realised I could adapt it for my outfit.I had a lovely lavender purple that I wanted to try out. It's a Napoleon polish, but I have a feeling it may only come as a limited edition with this clutch bag set (white swan). I'd gotten it for my sister as a birthday present, because I knew she'd like the purple, but the ungrateful b***h didn't like the bag and didn't even bother looking inside. SO IT'S ALL MINE NOW.

What do you think? It's not quite as neat, but I did paint this just before going to bed and I was more concerned about time then perfection. Plus adding the UV topcoat, made it even thicker. Next time, I will definitely wait a bit longer between layers and do thinner coats.

I was worried the lavender would be hard to get opaque, but it actually goes on really well. I am very happy with it and it's the only light purple in my whole collection.

Btw, the mint is my trusty Sally Hansen and the gold is the only polish I have that comes with a stripper brush. I picked that up in either Germany or Austria last year.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Wug in the Kitchen time - Diary free pesto and pesto baked chicken

Basil was found at a good price, so we bought enough for both me and the guinea pigs. And what does one do with they are overrun with basil? PESTO!

I went with a diary free option (my trainer would be proud). All I did was chuck in basil, olive oil, lemon juice, pine nuts and some salt and pepper. Blended in the food processor to taste.

As for the chicken, add a more olive oil, smear pesto and add lemon. These were chicken chops, so relatively small pieces, so only needed to bake for about 20 mins! So easy, healthy and delicious!