Friday, 28 November 2014

Musings about the jury

Being involved in a long trial (going into the 7th week next week) means that everyone falls into a bit of a rhythm. You see the same faces every day and become friendly with them. All except the jury. While their faces too become familiar and the rhythm becomes a part of the day too, I can't interact with them. In fact, that has caused me to, on more than one occasion, stop walking in order to not approach a juror. Yet in a strange way I feel connection with them also. I know what order they'll file into their seats, I recognise their styles and I know who is their phone monitor (the guy who is charged with collecting their mobiles and looking over the box). I even get a hint of their personalities by their responses and demeanor.

Found in the Supreme Court courtyard
But anyways, the trial is on the home stretch, both sides have presented their closing submissions. At this stage, the judge is to give the jury detailed instructions about the relevant law and how to use evidence and so forth, but she's losing her voice, so we have the next two days off and an extended weekend. All in all, we've lost five days, so the initial 4-6 weeks estimate was actually quite accurate.

One of the SCV buildings from the courtyard
And of course, I need to have one that features my nails. 

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  1. That sounds so amazing! I've really liked my law classes, I think it'd be very interesting to actually see the action in a court.

    1. All court proceedings are open to the public (well, I think there may be the odd exceptions, like some family stuff) so I highly recommend just going in to have a look. The magistrates' court is always a hive of activity.