Friday, 5 February 2010

Found: Organic Chicken Wings

It's always been a puzzle to me, why when I go to the supermarkets chicken section, why there's be whole organic chicken, organic chicken breast and organic chicken thighs, but no wings. What happens to all the wings that goes with those other bits?

At Woolworth's, some, at least, do occasionally get sold labeled as organic wings.

Now, the packet didn't come cheap, but I had to try them. That one packet was less than half a kilo, 4 whole wings. That's not a lot of wings. So I decided to eat them at whole and complete as possible. I want to taste as much of the natural flavour as possible.

Marinade with some macadamia nut oil, dried mixed herbs, pepper, salt and basil. Grill each side till done. Results below.

I added a touch of Tabasco sauce when serving for extra kick. Delicious!

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