Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Reflections on being back at Uni

It's been a while since I've blogged. In that time I finished up at work, went on a holiday that ended with a revolution in the country and completed my summer intensive subject. It was both stimulating and boring, exciting and dull. And it was most definitely an intensive period, with more reading than I've ever had to do for any course.

I was so nervous during the self-introduction on the first day and unexpectedly excited about getting my first assignment back. I had realised that it was the first piece of anything that had been marked for years.

So that was my first 2 weeks, I am now on my week off. First chance I've really had to chance to catch my breath, not that I am. All the errands and various uni-related stuff are getting marked off. I am still motivated, although I am getting a tad concerned about the material I am supposed to have read before the first class next week. But I will not think about that now.

First, another day of tasks completion, and then, a lovely staycation in the city at a lovely 5-star hotel. Can't wait!

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