Saturday, 9 July 2011

Slowing down for winter

So after an incredibly exciting, stressful, long and hard semester I am finally slowing today. I've been spending quality time with my best friend and her baby, started a new, non-legal book and a knitting project. I'm evening venturing into preparing real food again. Tonight I am using a recipe from the above mentioned best friend to make my own pizza base.

A delightfully simple mixture of flour, yeast, bread improver salt, sugar and water, it's current resting in the kitchen. Can't wait to to get to the next step of rolling out and (the best part) putting my toppings on!

I accidentally splashed out on Buffalo Mozarella, when I asked for two from a South Melbourne market deli from a display with no price tags and without asking for a price. They better be tasty!

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