Monday, 25 November 2013

Doctor Who nails for the 50th Anniversary!

So I spent way too much time painting my nails instead of going to bed. Due the the fatigue that one naturally has late at night/early in the morning, they were a bit dodgy but I was too tired to re-do. And I'd stained my thumb and index fingers a little when I was making cupcakes (colouring for the icing).

Everything was free handed. Glitter nail is OPI A Kiss at Midnight from the Mariah Carey collection. White is the Essy Blanc.

I have seen the Doctor Who special 3 times now. The first at the cinema in all its' glorious 3-D, surround sound amazingness.

Then the exact same night, I watched it on TV.. and tonight I watched it yet again!

How long till I get more new Doctor Who??

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