Friday, 15 November 2013

End of Law School Celebration Nails!

I always thought I'd be full of energy and excitement and sprint to the finish line. But what really happened was that I dragged myself to, and stumbled across the line. My last exam ever (fingers crossed) was an overnight take home exam. It was released Monday at 9am and due to next day at midday. It was for IP, with questions about Hello Kitty copyright, Kiss songs and stupid exercise equipment patents. Let's just say it was not a rock and roll all night kind of exam. 

I was determined to do something on Tuesday to mark to end of it. I had a glass of wine, and made my nails sparkly. I may feel flat, but at least my nails was bright.

Below I used my pink and gold Maybelline sequins polishes. The yellow is a new glow-in-the-dark polish from the Born Pretty Store. The insta-dry top coat caused some shrinkage. Very annoying. 

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