Thursday, 6 February 2014

Chartreuse - Yellow and Green

I'd picked up Jadefire during the Femme Fatale sale(just checked, it's discontinued, but still available for $5!) and had given it a test run as an accent nail a few weeks back. I think didn't get around to photographing that particularly mani. Yes, it even happens to me sometimes. I knew it needed three coats, so this time I thought I'd wear a base colour... and I had the perfect match in OPI's Did it on 'em, which I received from Polish and Prejudice

There's a bit of debate about whether the colour is yellow or green. I feel it's a very green-leaning yellow, but my work colleagues and reviews of Did it on 'em say it's green and Jadefire is discribed as green gold, so I guess I lose. More specifically, the colour is probably best called Chartreuse.

Again, I haven't got the time to be messing around with proper photos, so they are from my phone again. On the upside, I did just get a new Samsung Galaxy s4 (replacing it's predecessor's predecessor, the s2), so the camera is better? And I downloaded an app to add watermarks... I know, now I'm just being lame!

I also started my practical legal training part-time course last week, so I'm going to have even less time to do my nails. My nail art to-do list is going to be massive by the end of the year! :(

But anyway, time for the not-so-great quality, actually rather yellow because it was taken under artificial light, photos! 

And because it's possible with a phone camera... my right hand!
And a surprise appearance by my toes! Having seen my toes, you might now understand why my pedicures don't make many appearances. 

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