Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Formula X Unmistakable(ly) Incandescent tape mani featuring Thunder

I haven't done many posts properly recently. It's just been too hard to time my manicures to catch good sunlight and I just haven't got the set up to take photos nicely at home... and my computer with Lightroom installed has a pile of papers on top that I don't want to deal with. Actually, that's becoming a bit of a problem, procrastination. I'm trying hard to remain positive and upbeat, but lately, the shadow of... I don't want to say depression, because I think that belittles people who are really suffering. But a shadow of blues. I just feel flat. Even the nail art has been patchy.

I also keep breaking corners off my nails when I have squares, so I tried to do some ovals nails. Not sure how about I feel about them though... Anyway, onto my nails. Formula X White Matter, Unmistakable (mint) and Incandescent (orange).

I later added Formula X Thunder for some more details on my mani. I do love how well this goes with so many of my polishes! 

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