Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wear Test - Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - B Girl and Top Coat Duo

So I have been eagerly waiting for the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes to be released here since I saw the first look preview on BeautyGeeks. Not so much for me, but for my Mum and sister, who both chip their polish almost instantly after painting! I was walking around the city after gym this afternoon decided to browse the big Priceline store on Bourke St. I found Sally Hansen on sale, including the long awaited Miracle Gel at half price! They are all currently $9.97!

I have to say, this Karen is my favourite swatcher. And she swatched 46/47 of the colours Sally Hansen has released. And she very helpfully tried the top coat over regular polish, and oh my, I can't wait to give that a go too!

I must try to paint earlier in the day, I am not quite convinced they fully cured when I did them on a late afternoon, on a cloudy, winter Saturday.

I ummm'd and ahhh'd between B Girl and Street Flair (which I'd describe as a dusty lilac). I went with B Girl, obviously, but I had to go back for more!

I went back, with my sister this time, the next day. It turns out that the Bourke St mall store was the only one with the new Miracle Gel in duo packs on the shelf. Apparently they were not supposed to come out till after the sale. Needless to say, my sister and I went nuts. We got more gel duos, a gel starter kit and some other regular polishes too.

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