Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Inception

My mani for the last two days has been the now sold out LE Inception by Celestial Cosmetics. It's a gorgeous neon blue holo. This is the second time in as many months that I've worn this polish, and on its own to boot! I actually intended to do some nail art on it, but couldn't bear to after seeing how gorgeously blue and sparkling it was.

Funny story to go with this post. I got a reminder last Friday for a hospital appointment for yesterday. I was having a good rant about how stupid it was to give me a reminder about an appointment when they haven't sent me a letter about the sms reminder.

When I got to the hospital I saw my mum was there. I thought, "hm, that is a coincidence" and went to tell reception I had arrived. The woman tells me I'm already down. I was a bit confused, as I had just arrived, made my mum come over and demanded her letter, and it turns out that mum had gone there with my letter thinking it was her appointment and he receptionist didn't think to wonder why she is 30 years older than the patient she was expecting! Not only that, she went and changed my GP details on the system! Who does that? Not sure who I am more annoyed with, the hospital or my mother!

Anyway, another photo. The sun finally came out and I quickly tried to take a photo of its full holo goodness! Not sure what happened instead, but it looks interesting!

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