Thursday, 2 October 2014

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Alley Attitude and White Splatter

I know my posts have been few and far between, but my polish buying hasn't slowed down all that much. I'm going to try to catch up a little here. My collection of pretties is growing and I want to share. So I'll start with the funky Maybelline Street Artist collection, if which I have picked up Alley Attitude and White Splatter. 

In other news, one of the piggies must have kicked Red Bear in the face, because she's got a wound in her eye. We had to do a late be ending run to the vet to get it checked out. We iniitally thought it was an eye infection... Somehow, I think this is better. My poor sister was close to tears when she found her with the bloodshot eye. She's slowly mending, but has to be kept apart from the others for a week. The poor sweetie looks so lonely all by herself, so we've giving her more cuddle time and even an outing in her carrier! Not sure if she actually enjoys that per se, but at least she's not bored? 

White Splatter on top of Celestial Cosmetic Winter Sunset (group custom)
Alley Attitude on top of a random yellow
Matted, because I can and it worked great.

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