Friday, 3 April 2015

Emily de Molly Insipid on Butter London The Full Monty

Easter long weekend! Moving to London on Thursday! It's all happening now. I had my last day of work yesterday, then went to a screening of The Heckler at the ACMI and afterwards meet up with an old friend for a drink. Next thing I knew, I was stumbling out of a gay bar at 4am. Nursing a very big hangover today.

Anyhow, my nails! I am quite pleased with this layering combo. I don't think it is very common - mostly I see these flakies sponged on for an opaque look or layered over a dark base.

I think the gold of The Full Monty looks much more interesting with a coat or two of Emily de Molly Insipid. I used Celestial Cosmetics Solar Ray QD top coat. I must admit I don't know how it's a quick dry - I only use it when I have plenty of time to sit and let it dry (like today, thanks to the aforementioned hangover).


  1. Hnng, the gold-green colour shift is one of my favourite combos, this mani looks so gorgeous!

    1. I love it too! I find gold is often too similar to my skin tone. The flakies added the green and purple shifts that made it stand out on my nails.