Sunday, 2 August 2015

MILV Water decals looks

I've been quiet here, so now I have quite the backlog of nail photos to share! Today I'm here about the MILV decals that Powder Perfect had recently started stocking. They make it super easy for me to be creative and impress people at work and because it's not a "dangerous goods" I can have it posted without fear to me here!

MILV S177 - card suit patterns

Picked these due to my newfound obsession with poker... it's a long story. I'll just say I found it a fascinating mind game to watch.

I actually love how the skittle card suits turned out even though my original idea totally failed to translate.

MILV N204 - Floral print

Florals are a little unusual for me, I don't usually got for such looks... but they aren't really in wishy washy colours, but is rather retro looking. 

I did them as double accents and tried my three new The Body Shop nail polishes on the other nails... I may have picked this packet of decals to try next just to try the new polishes out (hey, they were 3 for 2!) They're great polishes, I tried to do a quick swatch of them the other night, but it was too dark to take good photos. I might swatch them again and share.

Sadly, I had some shrinkage, I think it was a combo of the top coat plus not stretching the decal a little bit as I laid it down...

I'm trying to stick to a no buy as I want to move in the near future (my landlady seems to think she's my mother). The only exception has been the two polishes below for a quid each and the full set of Celestial Cosmetics' for the Hella Holo customs group. Cannot wait for them to arrive (via the UK group buy)!

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