Saturday, 31 August 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - 01 Red Nails

The first challenge on the list is red nails. Having just discovered nail art and started a collection of tools and materials, I didn't want to do plain red nails. My sister and I are both fans of textures, and I've been contemplating DIY sand polish, plus I just received my nail tapes in the post.

So I decided to use all the different textures I have and created my Red Textures mani. Starting on my thumb I have a DIY sand polish inspired by this Spektor's tutorial, but with another layer of red polish on top. The index has red velvet. Middle: red tape stripes. Ring: red microbeads (which I messed up by putting quick dry topcoat on) and the little finger glitter gloss (using the glitter from the sand look, but adding a clear coat instead).

The red polish was OPI's A Oui Bit of Red that I bought years ago, but the formula is still perfect. I hadn't pulled out for ages for heaven's knows why, because it's a gorgeous red with just a hint of shimmer (although using it as a base colour for the textures does seem kind of wasteful in hindsight).

Here's another photo I took the next morning, by a window, to try capture the colours in better lighting. I really should just set up my SLR instead of trying to use my phone. I did spend enough money on my photography equipment, after all!

Edit: A better photo taken with my SLR

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