Thursday, 29 August 2013

Challenges! Because I haven't got enough of them right now

So, my title is a little narky. With  two, possible three research papers (because given an option of paper vs exam, I rather do a paper), time is actually not something I have a lot to spare. But I have been very good at burying my head in the sand and ignoring those pesky final few subjects of law all semester (it is week 5 now). The finish line is in sight, but yet so far. I've had such a forgettable year, and I still have one more quarter of it to survive. Sometimes I just want someone to kill me know.

The only thing that can hold my attention these days is nail polish. And I have spent hours upon hours, painting, fixing, removing, painting them again. So I might as well have a specific set of nails in mind when I do that. I'm going to do that by following this 31 Days Challenge! (No, I don't know why it's 31 days when it runs over September, but if you scroll down, you'll see that I asked, so maybe I'll get an answer!)

I doubt I'll be able to do one every day, but not sure if I should still do them in order or do whichever happens to be the one that falls on the day I happen to be re-doing my nails.

Chalkboard Nails has kindly created some images for the challenge — this glittery green one is my favourite.

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