Friday, 9 August 2013

Return to the blog – How to use black nail polish (splatter decal it!)

It's been so long since I've tried to blog. The JD has been a crazy time. But now I am in my last semester, doing just three electives and some volunteering work. And I've also withdrawn from all the extracurricular activities from school, haven't had any casual work since the beginning of the year and am single. So by comparison, I have plenty of free time!

It's been a traumatic road reaching here. With a broken heart, stressful semester and empty bank account, I turned to creative nails to ease my troubles. I am currently obsessed with my nails, so I think it's fitting to return from my blogging hiatus with my latest nail works - Black with splatter decals. I am not keen on the black nail polish look, emo/goth isn't really me. But it is great as a canvas for some splatter polish! There are a whole bunch of nail art bloggers with tutorials, but the one I followed was from a blog called Spektor's Nails.

Freshing stuck on (should have put the cuticle cream on first!)

Can't stop looking at it! Here it is resting on my text book.
Not only did it take a bit of preparation the night before, it was also very fiddling trying to peel off the decals without tearing them and I ended up with flakes of polish everywhere! I must remember to spread newspaper out next time!

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