Sunday, 1 December 2013

Meet the latest members of my family!

When I was younger, some friends of mine from primary school asked if we wanted some guinea pigs. Ever since then, my sister has had a particular obsession with them. The two first guinea pigs, Timid and Boldy, lived for a while, Boldy for a few years. Years later, we got the second guinea pig, Choco boi. Alas, he did not last as long. My sister was devoted to him and called him her son. We were all devoted really. So it's been a few years before my sister is able to bring herself to get more. This time we have two girls, sisters, whose nicknames are fast becoming their names.

On the left, the tricolour one is known as 大喬 and the two tone one is . We are still working on proper names, preferably in English. Some more photos after the jump! 

Such a darling little puff ball!

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