Monday, 2 June 2014

Neon Orange gradient with matte glitter topper

Continuing my rebellion against winter with bright colours, I created a neon orange gradient. This isn't fully a stateside haul mani. The light orange neon is from a collection of this cheap brand that neither of us have heard of. She thought this colour would be right up my alley, and she was right (despite our constant bickering, sisters always know each other best). The brand is Claire's and this colour is The Extra Mile.

Ulta3 Tahiti, Formula X Thunder and Claire's The Extra Mile
The darker colour is the ring-in, a coralish neon orange by Ulta3 called Tahiti. I used Formula X White Matter as my white base. All this was then topped with Formula X Thunder (why it's call that, I don't know, can't say it reminds me particularly of thunder), a matte glitter topper with big white hex, smaller blue hex and micro dots glitter. The payoff was pretty good, only minor fishing for the big white hexes. 

I learned something when painting this... neons are HARD to clean up! But I loved it and couldn't stop staring at my in-your-face nails for the whole full week I had it on! Admittedly, some of that time was spent staring and rueing the fact that I broke a corner off my left index. It's always that spot lately!

Attempting some different poses
How about this pose?
I picked up a bright pink Ulta3 today, I couldn't help myself. The receptionist at my gym has bright, bubblegum pink nails and I just had to get some bright pink polish (despite my usual aversion to traditionally 'girly' colours and my promise not to buy anymore nail polish for a while - but hey, it's only $2!). My battle against winter continues!

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