Saturday, 21 June 2014

World Cup Nails - Team Australia!

I love me some World Cup football. It's the only time I really watch soccer or become patriotic. Another time I  become a rabid green and gold Aussie fan is probably when I am travelling and I am feeling a touch homesick. That doesn't happen often.

Sadly, we're already bundled out of the tournament, which the third and last game against Spain being a dead rubber. But here is the mani I had before the dream ended.

I used Ulta3 Inten-city on thumb and index. On index I coated with Picture Polish Aurora. 
Middle finger is OPI Copacabana with Formula X Turbo. Ring finger is Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint (yes, it makes my hands smell like toothpaste) and little finger is OPI Copacabana. Studs are the Born Pretty Store wheel of neon studs that I've used before.

I didn't actually take these photos till a couple of days later.

I lost the studs after a few days, and actually had a second mani for the second game. I forgot to take nice photos, so here's one from 2am in the morning, sitting on the dark snap from Instagram.

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