Friday, 2 January 2015

Kester Black Bougainvillea topped with Nebula

 I got these two as a little birthday/Christmas present. They were a tad disappointing. The purple is a lovely warm, midtone purple. Being not that light I was surprised that two coats was not quite enough and I really needed three coats. But it's a lovely colour for summer. Dried a little matte, so will need top coat. 

I actually received Suger Daddy, but went back to the shop and exchanged it for Bougainvillea, as I have a couple of dense silver glitters already. My first preference was Milky Way. In fact, I had lusted after that for months but didn't go through with it. I now get to regret it forever, as it was sold out in the store and doesn't even appear on the Kester Black website anymore. :(

Nebula has big hex holo glitters in the clear base and were, as expected, heavy and required lots of fishing. I had already used this previously to make a Christmas tree as an accent with Celestial Cosmetics Deck the Halls.

Howver, I wanted a mani to feature Nebula specifically and to use it as it appears to be intended to be used.

I ended up with super thick polish, as you can tell with the bubbling. I should have used a toothpick or something to pick and place, like I did with my Christmas mani. But the holo was fun, you can see it especially in the bottle.

I didn't have any quickdry top coat on and the thickness meant it didn't dry properly and I destroy them at my first attempt to fish my credit card out of my purse!

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