Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday's Breakfast - Porridge with Banana

I realise that I didn't pick a good week to do this. Along with Thursday and Friday being annual leave that I'd planned a month ago, I also called in sick yesterday. So this week is a grand total of... 2 work days. But nevertheless, I shall share what I create anyway.

Ever since I had the Porridge with Caramelised Banana at Auction Rooms in North Melbourne, I'd been hankering for porridge in the morning. So this morning, I decided to start experimenting with caramelising banana at work. Alas I forgot to find something sort of cream or bring walnuts. But I did have porridge and banana.

Now, I know quick oats are not as healthy as the regular oats. Whatever they do to process it, I think it increases the GI of the oats and possibly also lessen the fibre contents. But we're working with an office kitchen with no stove, so one has to make do with what one has.

First thing I did was cut the banana in half, and then sliced length wise. I placed it onto a plate, sprinkled with a sachet of sugar (but just one!) and decided to try the microwave over the sandwich press first. My rationale was that if it works in the microwave, it'd mean a lot less clean up. The microwave in the kitchen area is a bit dodgy and doesn't spin properly sometimes (next time I think I'll use the microwave in the office instead). So after about 30 seconds, I ended up with one mushy cooked banana and one... not so much. I flipped the one that wasn't over cooked, re-position the plate to make sure it spins this time and heated for another 10 seconds.

The result was... well, the banana tasted like cooked banana, but looked like play-doh. I'd also didn't put enough water into the porridge (no milk for me, trying to cut lactose in an effort to work out what is causing my allergies) and had pause the cooking to add more in. Improvements can definitely be made. Tomorrow is another day.

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