Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Start of The Journey

Early this year, after a series of particularly bad time at work, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and do something. I was tired of the brain-dead work, of handling requests from users who feel I was there to do their bidding and trying to explain the difference between a Google search box and and the address bar, or why changing the password of one login doesn't affect their other logins to other systems, or how to read the screen for instructions on how to change said password. Honestly, it was just a waste of my talents. There, I said it. I believe I am too smart for what I am doing.

How did I even end up here? In the intervening years between high school and now, I'd stopped challenging myself, stopped doing things I believed in and was, plainly, in a major rut. Again. This time, I couldn't very well jet off overseas for another year. While I had an absolute blast, and came back a happier person, I was really not in a better position. In fact, it can be argued that I was worse off, because I'd been away for the workforce for a year.

No, the change had to be bigger. It had involve ideas that I am passionate about. I knew it was going to involve returning to Uni for postgrad studies. But what? What will enable me to work in a field that I believe in? It took a long time, but I found something in the end.

So what did I decide to do instead? I decided I had to study Law. Of course. And what did I decide was the best law course for me? Melbourne University of course. Despite strong arguments for Monash, it is highly ranked. And most conveniently located to my parents' home. I may stay there the whole time, or I may move out, but how close to free feed and clean laundry is important.

And that, is how I started this journey.

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