Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Epic LSAT Marathon

I had months to prepare for the LSAT. But still June 27th sneaked up on me. The night before, I was still trying to study until my boyfriend made me put down the notes. Of course I didn't sleep well. June in Melbourne is a cold and miserable time. Nor did it get off to a good start when it took them an hour from the publish start time to actually get everyone seated. However, I was heartened by the girl who forgot about the LSAT, went out drinking and consequently arrived that morning with a hangover.

What is most painful about the LSAT isn't the examination itself, it is the amount of time spent setting up and checking names and IDs and registration. And the long list of rules to go through, including why mechanical pencils are not allowed. This did not stop one of the supervisors from standing by my little desk and clicking his pen. Click-click-click-click-click, right next to me. Well, I wasn't going to stand for that, and the fact that he was ancient did not stop me from telling him off. And why are these exam supervisors always old pensioners anyway?

There's a short break after 3 sections. To be honest, the amount of time spent getting ready and returning from the short break, was not worth the break itself. I would have preferred to have just kept powering through the questions. There were 2 games section in the first 3 sections, so the break, and the queue to the bathroom, was filled with chatter what how incomprehensible they were. One guy said he felt like stabbing himself in the eye when he was doing those questions. I have a feeling these are not the comments that one would overhear during the break at an American test centre.

After the break, which served no real purpose except to extend the time we have to spend there and cool our body temperature down even more, we went back for more waiting, checking, double-checking. And half-way through the second half of the day... I really needed to go to the bathroom. But I did not want to waste time getting up, precious reading and answering time, so I ignored my bladder and continued. In such a highly timed test, where the average time spend per question is a little more than a minute, a few minutes off is a few questions missed. Words cannot described how relieved I was when they finally collected all the exams at around 4:30pm and I was finally let out of that hall! Epic-est test ever!

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