Friday, 17 September 2010

LSAT Score

Receiving the LSAT score was a little anti-climatic. I didn't even notice the email in my inbox at first. I'd gotten into work, opened my gmail, clicked something else, looked at some other emails... then I noticed the one from LSAC. So I got my score, and my reaction was "Yes, I got my score. I didn't completely screw it up and I got what I'd been getting during the practices!" Then it was, "Is it enough???"

Getting the score does not really change anything. Much like, I guess, getting your ENTER score at the end of Year 12. You have a number, but you still have no real idea where it will take you, only whether you're still on track or not. Maybe.

It is that envelope from the University that really gets your heart pumping and hands shaking.

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