Friday, 25 April 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Photo Spam + Last Day of the Sale

 Today's the your last chance to go to Celestial Cosmetics grab Birth of A Star and use BIRTHDAY to get 25% for orders over $30. If I knew I'd get a free purple holo, I'd not have picked something else a little more different. Of course, Nebula is different, much warmer, and more magenta that the photo on the website would suggest... I like the cool lavender tone of Birth of A Star, might even prefer it over the Nebula whichI actually picked to pay money for!

Also picked up a dense brown glitter jelly, Brown Dwarf, mainly because it's such an unusual colour. My sister wants me to pick up the purple, Celestial Sphere. 

Harley Dyna has been on sale for a while. It is very pretty. Not normally into black, but this one is somehow still so, so colourful.

All lined up
Birth Of A Star
Nebula, again
Brown Dwarf
Harley Dyna

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