Sunday, 6 April 2014

Revlon Whimsical

Whimsical looked so cute and pretty in the bottle. It looked like it'd be a perfect Easter egg shell. Alas, it was a hella a lot more sheer than I anticipated. I played with it for a while - I do love the actual glitters.

The first one I layered over a bright-ish blue of some description (sorry, I don't remember) and Whimsical made it look like a dark teal. The glitter accent is Maybelline Sea Quins. It's such a gorgeous blue!

I then tried to use Whimsical again, this time over a white base. This still isn't what i had expected out of the bottle. I think next time I will try a light shade of green as a base. The accent is actually my first attempt at fishtails. I must do a full mani one day. This was done with some of my OPI Euro Centrale minis. The small brushes worked well.

I actually picked this one up during the Boxing Day Sales. It's only taken me about three months to use and post pictures! :P

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