Saturday, 10 May 2014

Blue Glitter

Another of the mani that's been sitting in my draft for a little while. I adore the Maybelline Sequins collection, and although this is the last one I picked up, Sea-quins, it is actually my favourite colour of the set.* You should consider getting it, it's such a pretty bright blue! They've got another glitter line out now (I've been good thus far, and have resisted buying more), but I think you might still find a few bottles in Priceline or Chemist Warehouse. 

Alas, however, it's probably a bit much to have all glitter nails and the removal would have been a huge pain. So I tried to mix it up. Except... The plain light blue nails (Natio, I think) seem so plain, like I got halfway through doing my nails and ran out of time!

* I just googled, hoping for a link to the Maybelline site, but found this other blog that shows a lavender that I never, ever saw on the shelf! I thought i had the whole set! I spent ages trying to catch Sea-quins in stock! I need some purple glitter!

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