Thursday, 1 May 2014

The ongoing search for the perfect bright coral - some comparisons

After a rather horrid day at work, which was followed by a rather disastrous exam, whereby I left my exam notes at work, I need some pick-me-up. I treated myself to some Celestial Cosmetics, however, after placing my order, I had nothing to show for it (yet). 

Then the following day I had to go into hospital for a procedure, so of course I checked out their sales bin for nail polishes. I found some Revlon polishes going for $5 each, so I got two. 

The one I have here is Mai Tai Ask? (Rather OPI-esque name, I thought) I painted these immediately after my procedure at the hospital was over. Literally, I went and purchased my polishes, got some food, ate it, and then started painting at the food court.

I since now realised that I have a couple really close to this colour. I guess everyone finds that they are always drawn to certain shades. This particular one went with me on a visit my old workplace for after work drinks... that became a wild night of partying and champagne.  

Anyway, the next morning, beyond a hangover, I also realised that it was more orange than coral and I had things similar. So I pulled out my bottles and compared.

L-R: Ulta3 Carrot Top, Kit, Revlon Mai Tai Ask? and Revlon Tropical Temptation
Index to pinky as above

As you can see, I keep leaning too far into orange. And I have three barely distinguishable colours (they're a bit more noticeably different in real life). Tropical Temptation is not quite as bright or opaque as I like. So, I am still on the hunt for a good bright/neon coral. I do have OPI Live.Love.Carnival coming as my of my sister's USA goodies-for-me, but I am still after something more neon and pink-leaning. Any tips??

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