Monday, 12 May 2014

Low volume glitter bomb nail art

When I started this manicure, I thought I was inspired by this one from Globe and Nail. My thought process was, "Oh that's elegant. I have some similar to that. I should do it!"

It is only after I finished it and went back to look at the post that inspired me that I realised that the glitter polish is not merely SIMILAR to what I have, but is in fact the SAME ONE.

So here's my take, using two polishes I received from Polish and Prejudice. As you can see, I went for a different base. Cult Nails Princess with Crows Toes Your Potions Master. I recently got the Essence Gel Look topcoat which I think really helped smooth out the glitters.

I love this understated look. Must do it again soon, but with a different, maybe more adventurous, base colour.

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