Sunday, 5 January 2014

Artistic Photo Time - Discovering Albert Park Lake

Today I had a relaxing brunch day with my old high school friend and her darling bubs. She was so cute giving the baby guinea pigs pats and later we fed them cos lettuce together. She very quickly grasped that I was tearing some pieces up (we've noticed the babies were sometimes struggling with big pieces of food) and throwing them in, and followed suit. We went to Dead Man Espresso and then later to Albert Park lake, but then we had to dash off because that crazy cool change swept in. It was so hot to start with, then it got a bit windy, but still ok, and then this big gust of wind came in. We instantly went 'uh-oh', packed up and hauled ass outta there.

Of course, I had my camera with me, and I decided to do something artistic with one of them. I tried to go for an old-school-y, overexposed and faded look. Did it work?

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