Saturday, 11 January 2014

Purple vs Purple Manicure - Glitter bling as bonus!

It's been hectic having started work again this week AND the OTHER guinea pig had THREE babies.

But, having received a collection of polish, I feel compel to TRY THEM ALL. It's been hard, given that I have a brought a bunch myself during the Boxing Day sales and I have a bunch of indie polishes coming in the post still! In fact, I know one parcel is already there, waiting for me all weekend in the post office. :(

Anyway, this is the manicure I did. And then the last photo is what I did once I needed to spice things up a bit after the second day of wear.

I always try to take the photos straight away, before I mess them up somehow, but because I paint in the evening, it means I don't get time to let the skin... settle... before snapping. That wasn't my original point. The point was to say that the photos aren't great due to the poor lighting situation.

No flash
 The Mud Electrify Dries matte, no top coat was used. I used a matte coat on the Sakura Fro Cone. I had tested Fro Cone on my toes and I was a bit dubious about whether it'd become opaque, but it did after about 3-4 coats. I really like this one!



And then I jazzed it up with Rose Bling, which I then topped with a matte coat. I love the Sequins glitters!

Glitter gradient-ed

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