Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ulta3 Polishes: Black and White on Hot Pink Fruit Tingle

I haven't been feeling the intricate nail art lately. I guess all the drama is bringing me down. This is one from a while back now, but I love the combo. And it's a bargain mani, two Ulta3 polishes, at rrp $2, this is $4 worth. Goes I need my inner cheapskate Asian to kick in more often. They're such great little bargains! I have been on a hunt for a nude lipstick. I actually found one nude I liked at Mecca, but they were out of stock. Maybe I should just forget about that one, after all, Ulta3's lippies would be a 10th of the price! I have been playing with the lipsticks and have my eye on their Caramel Kiss (only a tester left at the stand I was playing with).

There's a bit of a story about how this mani came about. As I previously mentioned, I purchased a hot pink Ulta3 polish, called Fruit Tingle. I just had to have hot pink polish after seeing the girl on reception at my gym with pink nails.

From the camera phone - it made it really cool toned for some reason
I have also been on a lookout for black and white dot glitter. I had seen Ulta3's Stop the Press in the bin before. But my sister had said she was going to get the Disney nail polish set which also had a black and white glitter topper, so I didn't grab it. Them it turns out she never went back for the Disney polishes. So I was still short of a black and white glitter topper in my collection. But of course Stop the Press wasn't in the bins I'd scoped out since.

And then my Mum got sick, and long story, I found myself at the hospital's pharmacy, which stocked Ulta3. And in their bin was Stop the Press, which I promptly added to my purchase. It has a fair good glitter payload, that's one coat with some additional dabbing to fill in some gaps.

And so I have my very simple, but visually arresting hot pink nails with black and white dots. Well, they're small hexes, but you can't tell unless your nose is right up at my fingertips!

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