Monday, 14 July 2014

Metalicus Star Knit Jumper - my new favourite jumper

Last Friday I hit my favourite casual wear store, Metalicus. They've ventured into knitwear recently and I'm always in need of warm clothes. Much of that probably stems from the fact I hate winter and wearing all those layers. Wearing big coats and stuff makes me feel like a waddling penguin. 

Usually, when I got to Metalicus, I try to focus on the sale items, but I was drawn to the warm stuff. Luckily I had my $15 loyalty voucher and the sales assistant gave a 30% family and friends discount.

I really do adore this jumper and have been wearing it almost everyday (with a wash in between, of course), it feels comfy, casual, but not too casual, and warm but still stylish. In fact, I am wearing it now! I'd get a backup, but it's sold out now. :(

You can't even find it on their website - it'd defintely not restocking then! It is still up on their Facebook page - I even figured out how to embed their post. Question, should I get the leggings they styled her in to go with my jumper?

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