Tuesday, 29 July 2014

OPI Live.Love.Carnival and Copacabana Sugar Spun Nails

I thought I posted these a while back, but I couldn't find a post about them. I guess I haven't posted them yet... Anyway, I liked these! These were fun! I kept running my fingers over the cool texture. Although it was hard to have the "sugar" bit dry nicely. Despite my efforts with sprays and stuff, some denting did happening overnight. I made a huge mess that I struggled to clean up. Tape. Must not be lazy and use tape around the edges!

Still, this is giving me ideas for the mani I am about to go off and do! I have a full day ahead of me, for someone who is unemployed. I've already made my first trip to the city and back this morning.

As the title suggest, I used two polishes from the OPI Brazil collection, Copacabana and Live.Love.Carnival.

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