Friday, 18 July 2014

OPI Ski Teal We Drop and Don't Bossa Nova Me Around gradient toppedwith Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea fuzzy coat

I have moved out of my funk mood, a little. Things are not great, I'm still pretty stressed financially. But I have some odd casual work that's actually with a lawyer and possibly some leave cover hours at the legal service, so I'd actually be paid. And I am going to make an application for Centeelink, so I should have a trickle of cash coming in. But I think the biggest weight off my shoulders has been actually putting my head down and doing some of my outstanding PLT assignments. Admittedly, it was partly forced, as if I didn't get certain tasks submitted, I'd have to delay he exam. Once I started tackling some of the tasks, the work became a lot less daunting.

Anyway, out of my funk also meant out of the funk in regards to nail art. The gradient with glitter is sort becoming my go-to look. What do you think of this combo? It's OPI Ski Teal We Drop and Don't Bossa Nova Me Around topped with Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea fuzzy top coat.

And it matches my new Uniqlo jacket. I love this jacket. This and the Metalicus knit has become almost my uniform!

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