Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Last day of work, first day of unemployment

I'd barely settled in, just found my feet at work, but now it's come to an end. I will miss many of the people there and the clients. Well, most of them. Anyway, long post, feel free to skip to below.

Not that I've had much time to process anything. My last day of work was, of course, was crazy. It always seems to go nuts on a Friday. Anyway, despite my best efforts, I didn't make it out till almost 6pm. I probably should have gone straight to the house sitting and then to see Mum at the hospital. But I decided I had to go down to Southland for an after work shop. I splashed out a little at David Jones and picked up a very on trend fushia and orange clutch, and two Nail inc polishes. I was a bit hesitant about the blue... After these are not cheap, even on sale, and I'd purchased three blues already this month. But next month is a new financial year and sale would probably be over. I also got my first foil finish. I have some old chrome polishes but pretty sure none of the old hand me downs from over the years are foil.

I did eventually go feed the cat and see my mum. The I decided to try all my different blue polishes. But then it got bed sheet marks. So I redid some of them and collected a bottle of hk girl from home. I made 4 trips to the hospital, mum wanted to go home for things, etc. It was pretty exhausting mentally. But I did finally made it back to the house I'm sitting and fixed all my nails. And I fixed my manicure.

I used, from thumb to pinkie: Nails Inc - Chelsea Bridge Road, Revlon - Coastal Surf, Nails Inc - Kensington Park Road, Sally Hansen - Mermaid's Tale and Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue.

I picked up Pacific Blue purely because the blogosphere was going into a melt down about the reformulation. So I had to know what the original is like. I wasn't specifically after a blue like that, but it's a handy addition to my collection. Mermaid's Tale was a find in Chemist Warehouse for $5. Blue jelly glitter and on sale. I had no choice.

Clearly, I've had no time for anything more than phone/iPad photos. I don't even have my camera with me and the adsl2+ line has been down. Thank goodness I have a data account with the iPad! The Kensington Park Road is more of a neon blue and in real life is more distinguishable from Coastal Surf than this photo would suggest.

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