Saturday, 7 September 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - 04 Green Nails

The first time I attempted some half-moon nails, I ended up with a right ol' mess. I didn't have experience with taping and didn't let the first layer dry properly nor stick it down firmly.

Anyhow, I  have a whole box of hole protectors (am I the only one who thinks that sounds funny?) for my printed materials for Uni. So I gave it another go, this time waiting patiently and also cutting them in half so that they stuck on better and created a nice seal.

However, I made the mistake of choosing a jelly polish as the main colour, so it's not quite opaque despite 3 fairly thick layers (hey, it was a new polish that I hadn't used before!)

I used an old Revlon Lime polish and the Ulta3 Jelly (ok, it was named jelly, what did I expect?)

It wasn't planned, but it turns out today, 7 September, AKA federal election day, is the perfect day for me to have green nails to reflect my own personal political stance!

My right hand

For some reason, both my index fingers have wonky moons

Left hand

One day, I will put in a bit more effort and take photos with my nice camera... and try to do them during the day so I can photo under natural sunlight!

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