Friday, 13 September 2013

Getting sidetracked by mini Natio polishes and some Fuzzy Coat

I have developed a habit of walking into pharmacies that I go past to see what polishes they have, particularly if I see a bargin bin.

In today's bargain bin I found some of those Natio mini bottles for $2. I've been curious to try them, so I brought a couple. I was particularly excited to find a mint, called azure, and a moderately light pink, rose. I also purchased a bottle of Sally Hansen's Fuzz Sea, with was discounted to $7.

I was eager to try them, so thought I would use them as the base colour for my next 31 Day Challenge nail (violet). But I was so pleased with the colours that I decided to keep the base colours on its own for a day. Perfect for spring!

Alas, they were quite streaky and sheer, so it took quite a few coats. I was not patient enough to wait for each layer to dry and ended up with too thick polish that my quick dry couldn't quite dry...

Natio - Rose and Natio - Azure
 I also included a photo of the fuzzy coat that I took earlier in the day, on top of a coat of the Azure. The Azure made a great complementary base coat for the Fuzz Sea.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Fuzz Sea over a coat of Azure

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