Friday, 27 September 2013

31 Day Challenge 2013 - 08 Metallic Nails

Although the rest of the blogsphere has raced off ahead into the final week of the challenge, I have only just gotten onto my 'second week' with the Metallic Nails prompt.

Under artificial light

This one was tough, since I have never really been drawn to metallic finishes and I have a limited collection of those. But I love the end result of this one! I used some gladwrap, or what is known as the saran wrap technique, to dab on colours after I painted my base colour.

The blue is a gorgeous one that I remembered my sister had contributed to our polish collection, then I found two complementary revlon silver and green (although they called it 'gold rush', it looks like a green tone to me). I used the blue as base on my index, middle and little fingers, as the silver as base on the thumb, but it didn't turn out that different. The 'gold' gave it a nice bit of extra depth.

Under sunlight through the window

All this was topped with a shiny top coat from Sally Hansen and the accent nail is the awesome Maybelline silver sequins. I then stuck on some matching blue rhinestones onto the accent nail. I think maybe I overdid it by putting on 4 on each nail — did it cross into tacky?

Everything I used, except the gladwrap, that I used.

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